Free Advice Makes Me Nervous

21 Best emergency contractors - Coummunity Forum Pages - I?m pretty sure I understand the question. But am I sure enough to offer advice that, if wrong, could hurt or kill someone? Well, in this case I went ahead and offered a little but had to disclaim it because I Don't know: the type of engineered wood (there are several types with hugely varying strengths); the loads coming down on the header; how strong the ?cinderblock? is (fully grouted, partially grouted, no grout, type of masonry, rebar size and spacing); how much wall will be left after the hole is cut in; how much dirt this basement wall retains. Get free quotes - metal roof leaking, new roof installation, roofing a house, tile roof installation ..More

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Canvassing for Contractors

Directory listing of industrial contractors - Service, Upgrade Forums - However, if it happens to be an election year, there was a storm and several houses were damaged by wind or hail, your signs might be competing for folks? attention. In most cases, residents will have seen your sign on their neighbor?s lawn. Get free estimates - metal roof leaking, new roof installation, roofing a house, tile roof installation. it's hard to miss a sign that?s bold and informative (hint, hint). If this is the case, it might be time to grab one of your trusted employees who know your business well and have him or her go around the neighborhood, introduce your company and offer your services ..More

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Collecting Payment: Should You Charge Late Fees?

List Of certified contractors - Technicians Talk Blogs - Ultimately, the decision to assess a late fee is yours, but you might want to really think about the issues mentioned above before you decide which approach to take. Residential & commercial services - residential flat roof, commercial flat roof repair, tin roof repair, tile roof repairs. Not assessing a late fee could make you a target for additional late payments in the future but jumping the gun and tacking on extra could also cost you business ..More

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6 Questions That Get to the (Pain) Point

Directory listing of contractors - Top 10 Forums - Free contractor estimates - zinc roof, barn roof, concrete roof, roofing siding. Systems that can be zoned, like a ductless mini-split, not only can be used to keep costs down, they give less thrifty customers more control to customize the temperature in each room, even if their energy budget is lofty. Increasingly, homeowners are looking to greener technology to both limit their use of collective resources and reduce their own electricity and gas bills ..More

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WIndow and door flashing

10 Best reputed contractors - Repair & Service Forums - . Get free quotes - shingle repair, roof flashing repair, roofing solutions, home roofing. Over the past few years I have begun to realize that a good number of my wood rot jobs are a result of poorly flashed windows and doors to no flashing at all. My question to you all is. I would appreciate any and all advice you can throw my way. My business has transitioned from cabinets and built-ins to include wood rot repair and exterior trim repair and replacement. Do you know of a source ie. I think I could maybe make a living just doing things the right way and standing behind my work and my customer service. book, web site that I can refer to to educate myself on the proper ways to apply flashing? I want to do the best repair that i can but I;m finding that every home is different and the poor construction techniques used to install windows and doors is statting to make me realize that I need to give more consideration to how I make the repairs and or install new windows and doors ..More

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